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When Did the White Genes Come Into American Blacks?

Posted on the 01 May 2015 by Calvinthedog

Tulio writes:

One thing to consider too is that the white DNA injected into the black gene pool wasn’t random. It was from wealthy white land owners who probably had above average IQ’s. So the white genes that ended up in the black gene pool may have been amongst the best and that 15% white might have caused a greater boost than you’d expect if given by random intermarriage.

Actually most of the White-Black breeding in the US took place after the First Liberation in 1865. I believe that at Liberation, something like 80% of Blacks were pure Black. The White genes went in afterwards. Also the White genes that went in during slavery often came from Whites who were working the fields for pay alongside the Blacks toward the end of the Slavery Era. There were many poor Whites out there doing paid labor next to the Blacks and apparently there was a fair amount of interbreeding between these two groups. Everyone likes to talk about slave owners making babies with their Black slaves, but honestly it did not happen very often.

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