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WHB #271 - Fennel, Endive, Apple and Nuts Sallad

By Brii
The season has started, must earlier than expected.this year Easter comes late, 24th of April so I thought my rest would be longer.but I have been involved in a new project that brings me to the other side of the Garda lake. to Limone, I guide people staying in La Limonaiaa hotel build in an old structure where lemons once were grown, in fact the nameLimonaia, means where lemons were grown.this is the view of the hotel. you can see the whole chain of Monte Baldo on the other side of the lake.from Altissimo di Nago on the left, down to Costabella to the the middle, the flat part, you have Colma Di Malcesine
view  from La Limonaia
beautiful isn't it? 
Fennel, endive, apple and nuts sallad
this is a salad I tried the first time in the early 90's, it was brought by my dear friend Lilianat one of our first lunches among girl friends. I add endives as I love them very much.
fennel, apple, nuts salad - insalata finocchi, mele e noci
you need:fennelenidiveapplesroughly chopped nuts
for the vinaigrette:vinegarlemon juicegrated fresh gingerextra virgin olive oilsalt and pepper
peel and cut the vegetables in fine slicesdo the same with the apples( season with some lemon juice so they will not get brownish)prepare the vinaigrette mixing all the ingredients.put the vegetables and the slices of apples in a salad bowl.mix gently, pour the vinaigrette, the nuts and mix again.serve and enjoy
fennel, apple, nuts salad - insalata finocchi, mele e noci
this is my entry to this week's herbal blogginghosted byGraziana di Erbe in Cucinashe is also hosting the Italian version!WHB #271 - Fennel, endive, apple and nuts salladthank's toKalyn di Kalyn's KitchenHaalo, Cook (almost) anything at least oncewho have given my the chance toorganize the Italian version of WHB!

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