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Spelt-Buckwheat and Carrot Muffins - WHB #278

By Brii
it has been some time since I wrote on my blog. time is quickly passing by and there is so many things to do. spring is bursting out from every angle, and it is hard to keep up with it.
this is my favorite season, next week is my birthday and this time it is 48!
but, after the 50km mountain bike ride of this morning...I do say...can't feel them! :-DDD
this was the first time I made such a long ride alone, actually it was a race, but I was so slow I came back very, very last!
 now and then even having difficulties find the right path.
the guy that won made all the 55km in 1h 39 min, I lost myself and made only 50km and that took me over 5 h!!!!
anyway, I didn't fall, I didn't break anything and I didn't puncture!
I'm so happy!
no photos, can't ride and photograph, I'm too insecure doing both things at one time! :-DD
but, I'll show some photos of our Mount Baldo and our lovely Garda Lake!
made them yesterday during a beautiful trekking.
this is where we started, Valfredda 1200mt
view of Costabella - Creste del Baldo from Valfredda
and here we are in Costabella 1800mt, the Garda lake under our feet
view of the lake from Costabella
I suffer from a very light gluten problem, that means I'm not celiac but should reduce very much the use of gluten food. I'm permitted spelt and oat f.ex. specially the oat is energetic and I need that to balance my loss of weight. I went from a size 42 (us 8) to a size 38 (us 4) in less than a month. not good, not good at all. :-(
my dear friend Alda made this muffins for me, with oat flour. I was without and tried another version.
they are very very good both! :-D
Spelt, Buckwheat and Carrot Muffins
spelt, buckwheat and carrot muffins
you need:
180gr of spelt and buckwheat flour (I use a mix of 90% spelt and 10% buckwheat)
70gr of potato starch
250gr of peeled and grated carrots
130gr of vegetable oil (I used 60gr of sunflower oil)
200gr of sugar (I used 110gr)
1 egg and 1 yolk
zest of one orange
one sachet of vanilla
one sachet of raising powder
spelt, buckwheat and carrot muffins
grate the carrots and set aside. bate the eggs and sugar well (at least 6-7min)
add the grated carrots and mix well.
add the flour, starch, vanilla, raising powder, orange, zest and oil.
mix well for a couple of minutes.
pour in muffin molds, put them on a backing tray and bake in oven 180° for 20-25min
spelt, buckwheat and carrot muffins
Spelt-Buckwheat and carrot muffins - WHB #278
I send this to my dear friend Rachel from The Crispy Cookthank's Rachel for hosting.thank's toKalyn di Kalyn's KitchenHaalo, Cook (almost) anything at least oncewho have given my the chance toorganize the Italian version of WHB!

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