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Whats the Meaning of Struggle?

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

It’s my childhood.  Most of the time I spent it with family, maybe way too much , they occasionally shared how life was not easy for them , how grandparents made that move from one place to another for better luck and future. Skipping meals and teaching children, studying restlessly in the American Cultural Centre and developing peptic ulcer disease, were the peaks of the stories.

What gives me the right, to enjoy all the good things in life like,good home and security, when I have not done anything significant to obtain it till now?  Should I blame the circumstances, the chromosomes that brought me to a cozy living? Just to satisfy my theory should I ask my parents to leave in the gutter so that I could rise from there?

I was an Infant then, merely able to walk. I did not have a chance, to run away from home, to become someone, who made it in the world just on her own.  In today’s modern and much globalised world one gets scrutinized for different reasons, I am stuck in this world where people think that I get everything that one finds it difficult to obtain.

I don’t know if the majority of the people feel the same way as I do. Just giving an instance of Bill Gate’s children, they get everything reasonable that they desire just because their father is a billionaire.  Are they making their life on their own? They might after getting an expensive degree from a renowned college but prior to that they will get scrutinized for how they get things done at a quicker rate.

Whats the Meaning of Struggle?

Yes, I did get everything but I am not proud of the fact that I accepted it without any hindrance. I could say no, runway and make money on my own. “What’s the use of all our sacrifices if my children can’t gain from them?” a typical reply every time when one tries to bring this topic.

I live with a scrutiny, but I have been hungry for struggle. Maybe after this degree, people can actually see how much struggle one wants to do. Those stories from childhood anchors me to the ground.I will always remember that the fact that I come from a middle class family from a small locality in Bouddha , Mahankal who knows exactly what the meaning of struggle is!


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