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What You and The Wiggles May Have In Common

Posted on the 01 March 2013 by Georgiaclinic @ChiroAugustaGA

wigglesIn case you were one of the few who have never heard of The Wiggles before, they are a singing and dancing Children’s band from Australia.  Now what would you have in common with a singing and dancing group from Australia, you might ask?  Little beknowst to many viewers, the blue wiggle, otherwise known as Anthony Field, had undergone health issues before becoming a chiropractic patient.  Since receiving care, Field became the Wiggle that made him famous.  Below is an excerpt from To Your Health Magazine, about Anthony Field and his life-changing care from chiropractic:

Eight years ago, Anthony Field, also known as the “Blue Wiggle” of the most popular and successful children’s performing act out of Australia, “The Wiggles,” was smiling in front of the cameras and the crowds, but grimacing in pain backstage.

“I was more of a wobble,” Field said. “I would go backstage during a show because my back was hurting so much, my knees also hurt and I had a bad neck. It was always the same; I would miss a couple of songs and then go back on.”

Back in those days, Field, now 48, was also overweight and taking daily Valium and anti-inflammatory drugs for pain to get through the day. He said he was depressed and lost.

“I was eating poorly and I was slouching and not strengthening my core, and my back gave way and I got into a terrible cycle of pain. I didn’t know any better until chiropractors came into my life,” said Field.

Fortunately, Field has never had to return to this low point in his life, thanks to a friend’s tip about trying chiropractic.

“When I first starting seeing chiropractors, it was mainly to get me out of pain. I thought, I am just going to go and get myself out of pain … that’s what I thought it was all about,” Field said. “Later on, I realized they [chiropractors] can help rebuild you into the $6 million man. That’s what I feel like now.”

When Field began experiencing chiropractic care, he said he quickly learned an important lesson that would change the rest of his life: In order to get his health back, he had to allow his body to heal itself. He had no other choice; his job in the Wiggles depended on it.

Indeed, as Field got more fit and healthy, he hired more high-level gymnastic athletes and tumbling experts to work with the crew. The Wiggles went from the light dancing that was painful for Field in 2004 to advanced acrobatics, circus tricks and gymnastics.

“All of the chiropractors I have met have really helped me, and if you listen to them they have a real way of helping you unlock the secrets of helping your body heal itself by not relying on drugs to do it. It took me a couple of years to learn where they were coming from,” Field said.

As Field began his path to wellness, the results he was seeing prompted him to make chiropractic a family affair. Field’s wife, who had suffered from a foot problem and was once slated for surgery, avoided it after receiving chiropractic treatment recommended by her husband.

“When my children were born, I took my wife and my babies straight to the chiropractor. They had their heads and necks aligned – that’s how much we totally trust chiropractic,” Field said. “It’s been a good thing for our children and us.”

Field’s satisfaction with chiropractic also moved him to share it with the rest of The Wiggles cast: Sam Moran (Yellow Wiggle), Murray Cook (Red Wiggle) and Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle). He even introduced it to other cast members who portray “Dorothy the Dinosaur” and “Wags the Dog,” which requires them to wear costumes all day that weigh heavy on their necks and backs.

Field said that when the cast did a tour of North America for six weeks, at least three times a week they would call on chiropractors to come and help them with adjustments on spines, ankles and anything else that was out of alignment. On tour, the chiropractors advised the cast what shoes were best to perform in and provided other tips for injury prevention. The cast now has chiropractors they call upon all over the world in places like Chicago, Sydney, California, China, England and New Zealand.

“It was such a quick fix for us, it’s helped our whole cast heavily,” Field said.

“In the last eight years I have undergone a real transformation. I have gone from not being able to pick up my little babies because my back was hurting so much, to being pain free and totally drug free – no pain tablets and stuff like that. Just leading a very healthy life,” Field said.

Field’s health is one more reason to celebrate this year, a year in which he is also celebrating 20 years in show business with the Wiggles cast. The group’s latest endeavors include recently recording a song about the weather with “Good Morning America’s” Al Roker and former N’Sync member Joey Fatone. They are also gearing up for an Australian and North American tour next year.

“It’s such a worthwhile job. It’s not even a job really,” Field said. “We are very thankful for what we are doing.

We love it.”

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If you are currently suffering from chronic pain, whether it be back pain, neck pain or headaches, chiropractic may very well be the drug-free solution for you.  Countless patients at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic (Augusta, GA) often comment on how much they wish they hadn’t spent so much money on prescription medications before they had pursued a healthier alternative such as chiropractic.  Many are able to return to their lifestyles and routines prior to their injury or health condition after undergoing chiropractic care.   We want you to remain in control of your own healthcare–that’s why our consultations are always free, and treatments are always explained to you in detail beforehand, so that you are the one at the helm of your own health.

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