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What We Can Learn From Celebrities Who Have Made a Come Back

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

There are few things people like more than a good redemption story. Literature, theater and movies are frequently built around a central theme of redemption. The worse the crime, it seems, the more people clamor for an uplifting resolution. It’s easy to believe that major missteps cement a person’s reputation, but unless one of those crimes involves a child being hurt or is a threat to national security, a strong show of repentance can replace the initial event in the public’s eye. So if you've screwed up — which we all have, a time or two — take some advice from celebrities who've made a come back from even worse scenarios:

Bill Clinton

What We Can Learn From Celebrities Who Have Made a Come Back
(Photo of Bill Clinton by Bob McNeely, The White House via Wikimedia)
Word leaked in 1998 that President Bill Clinton was involved in a sexual relationship with a 22-year-old White House intern. Clinton made the mistake of lying to Congress during an investigation into the affair and was impeached. While few could see the President coming back from such a sordid affair, he acted contrite and released “private” photos of himself with his wife and daughter to the press, and was later acquitted. According to Gallup, Clinton left office at the end of his term with an approval rating of 58 percent. Learn from Bill Clinton:
  • Be good at your job; in the end, people care more about what you do for them than what you do behind closed doors.
  • Be seen surrounded by the people in your “real” life, leading people to believe that your bad behavior was an anomaly.
  • Leak photos to the press or, in an average Joe's case, drown negative press by optimizing your online presence. If you need help, services like Reputation.com protect and improve individuals' and businesses' online reputations by creating and monitoring positive online info.

Alec Baldwin

What We Can Learn From Celebrities Who Have Made a Come Back
(Photo of Alec Baldwin by Joella Marano via Wikimedia)

Actor Alec Baldwin was a passenger on an American Airlines flight in December 2011. Playing a game on his smartphone, Baldwin refused to turn it off when asked to do so by flight attendants. In fact, Baldwin marched to the lavatory, slammed the door and locked himself in. According to CBS News, the bang of the lavatory door was enough to worry the flight crew. IMBD indicates that Baldwin has had no shortage of work since the incident. Learn from the actor:
  • Get your own version of the story out there, even if it’s just to confuse the facts.
  • Poke fun at yourself. Baldwin later acted in a commercial making fun of the American Airlines experience.

Charlie Sheen

What We Can Learn From Celebrities Who Have Made a Come Back
(Photo of Charlie Sheen by Joella Marano via Wikimedia)
Charlie Sheen has been called everything from arrogant to insane. Still, he thrives as an actor in Hollywood. Throughout rumors that he hires prostitutes and goes on cocaine binges, people have a hard time holding Charlie’s crimes against him. Learn from Charlie Sheen:
  • Be a nice guy. Even if you’re doing the dumbest things possible, be kind to the people around you.
  • Don’t allow shame to swallow you. Keep moving no matter what people say about you.
  • Deflect attention. It helps to marry and then divorce a person whose own problems make yours seem mild in comparison.
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