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What To Eat Before You Workout

Posted on the 24 May 2013 by Dave Nevue

Eat before workout

There are many questions that are often asked when someone starts a fitness routine. How can I lose weight the fastest? How long will it take me to tone my body? How can I get the energy I need to get through my workout? There are many elements that will help you achieve your fitness goals. One area to focus on is nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in your success. Studies have shown that the timing of your meals is an important factor for you to see results. Get ready to workout and know what to eat before your workout.

Many people start exercising to lose weight, and they want to lose it as fast as possible. To transform your body you need to workout hard. To accomplish this you need enough fuel to get you through your workout. Your goal is to burn as many calories as you can during your exercise routine. You will fall short if you run out of energy during your session. There is a science in eating the right amount of macronutrients at the right time for top performance. To lose weight, build lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism, speed up your recovery and have the energy to handle your brutal workouts you need to eat the right foods at the right time.

Before Your Workout

Studies have shown that consuming protein and carbohydrates before the workout aid in protein synthesis and replenish glycogen stores. This will result in muscle hypertrophy and refueling your body. It is recommended to consume 0.5 grams of protein and 1.0 grams of carbohydrates per kg of bodyweight. (1)

For example if you weigh 120 pounds you would need to consume protein and 54g of carbohydrates.

Get The Most Out Of Your Workout

If you do not eat before your workout and have not had anything to eat within four hours your body will start to go into starvation mode. When you are working out your body will draw protein from your muscles. When you lose muscle tissue your metabolism slows down. This in turn makes it harder to lose weight. Working out on an empty stomach can also make you nauseous, light headed and give you a headache.

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