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What to Do with My Blog?

By Rubytuesday
I saw Mary this morning It was great to be able to give her a good report about all the good things that are happening in my lifeShe was truly delighted for me And said it made her job worthwhile Seeing people like me get wellI was also so happy to tell her that I am barely purging any more Since starting workIt has really been a rarity Mary asked me to draw a pi chart Of all the different areas in my life It was quite a struggle to fit everything in She asked me about blogging And it got me thinking I guess my blog has taken a back seat recently And it seems to be evolving Up until now My blog has been been about living with and managing my ED and addictionMost of my posts thus far have been ED based And that's fine Because that's what was going on for meAnd it was great to be part of a community that thrived on supporting each other But now I find myself asking Where my blog is going now?I feel a little bit like I am in limboI don't consider myself eating disordered in the clinical sense anymore But I still have a long way to go as far as recovery is concerned 
I have to be honest Over the past couple of weeks I have thought about stopping blogging altogether As I don't know what I have to offer this community anymore And my real life is so full I don't have time like I used toAnd I don't know if my blog is the hub that it once was I seem to get less readers and comments That shouldn't matter And it doesn't But I guess it makes me feel like my blog isn't wanted or needed anymore Then there is the fact that blogger seems to be passé now More and more people seem to use Instagram now a days And less and less people seem to be using blogger It kind of feels like a ghost town lately With all that said I don't really know what to do Or where to go from here I really want to keep writing and blogging But maybe Like a lot of things in my life It's time to move on I don't know It's something I am going to have to work through I guess And hopefully what I'm supposed to do will become clear
I was wondering what you thinkHave you experienced this with blogging and recovery?Have you felt like me and wondered what next?Do you think my blog is needed and wanted?I would really love your feedback on this one so do get in touch I appreciate it 

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