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What to Ask a Wedding Florist?

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros

Remembering every wedding that I have attended, I notice floral design in every corner, center piece, and even in bride’s hand. Going through planning for the big day and your dreamy wedding, floral design and communicating with florist is an important step.


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I am sure by know you know the theme of your wedding. Keep in mind, there are many factors which play into shine and make the wedding theme alive. The catering style, the music, fashion, venue, and the most important that highlight the theme is floral design and decoration. What decoration has to do with florist? Trust me. a lot!

In order to make things easier, I came up with following questions to ask the wedding florist:

- Does the florist work with every theme and comfortable with every design?

The platform of your wedding is based on the wedding theme. As we discussed earlier to make theme pop, floral design and decor play a biggest role. Ask the florist for their professional background, references, and if they are capable of accommodating the theme and the size of your wedding.

- Other the floral design, is the florist a pro decor artist?

Most florists are artists and trained decorators. based on their professional skills, they must have accommodated many events with their decor needs. However lets not assume all flower shops and their employees provide the same service and talent.

- Does the florist works alone or has helpers?

You might have found the perfect person to be the floral artist of the wedding, but does the person works alone or has employees to help along the way. Make sure the florist and the number of the employees are sufficient to supply the wedding’s requirement.

- Does the florist makes and design the decoration from scratch?

Based on your wedding theme, asking this question is quite relevant. If you’re planning a green and earth friendly wedding theme, you want to make sure all decors reflect the core idea.

- What is the turn around time?

Never assume that a professional florist is always available and ready to book your wedding. Plan ahead of time and find out how much of time they require to prepare for the wedding and how long each project and its planning will take.

- How much in advance does the florist require for appointment notices?

Following the question above, now we understand the florists are busy and wont work around our schedule. Find out how much notice time a florists requires for any projects. for instance, to design the limousine, decorating the cake, making the bridal bouquet, and so on.

- Does the florist charge by the hour or provides contract?

And the most important question of all, what is the fees and costs. Find out with all the required project for your wedding, does the florists falls within the budget. After agreeing on the budget, communicate how their fees are calculated and if they provide an agreement to fulfill their promises. Like any other business, protect your interest and read the contract and small prints carefully.

To find professional florists in your local area to care for your wedding needs, is the perfect platform.

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What to ask a wedding florist?
Don Zilleri

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