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What’s Your Gangnam Style? Create Your Own Gangnam T-Shirt

By Fibers @fibers

It’s not secret everyone’s got Gangnam Style fever. It’s the biggest thing to come out of South Korea since Kim Chi. With 346,452,048 views and more likes than any other video in the history of Youtube, Pys’s dance/rap/pop ode to his neighborhood of wealthy and indulgence is breaking all sorts of barriers.

One barrier this video eviscerates is that of traditional fashion and beauty. Here a chubby older Korean guy flaunts his moves in everything from a stylish tux to swim trunks and a life vest. He doesn’t care, he’s sexy and he knows it.

What’s your Gangnam Style? Create Your Own Gangnam T-Shirt

So we illustrated our favorite Psy outfits from the video and put them in our clip art system. Now you can go create your own Gangnam style t-shirt, just search Gangnam in the image tag and choose from the adorable Psy characters, place your favorite characters on your shirt, add some text and you’ve got yourself a shirt as unique as the original video.

Custom Gangnam

Use the alignment tools to place your Psy characters where you want them. Flip them to alternate what move he’s doing. The possibilities are endless!

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Not feeling creative? Check out our fresh Gangnam Style t-shirts.

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