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What's That You Have in Your Hands??

By Misslara16 @misslara

What's that you have in your hands??
Have you ever prayed to God to bless the works of  your hands? well you haven't prayed wrong because  in his words he promised to bless the works of our hands. The issue is when we actually do not have any work on our hands what do we expect God to bless?
One of my main principle of life is the multiplication principle, it applies to a lot of aspects in our lives, its encompasses the theory of sowing and reaping, the theory of investments and these two things, I am keen on.
We all like the idea of multiplication but like a farmer we need a seed to sow and then we get multiplication, most times we don't want to have the seed and we tend to  expect a multiplication that my friends, I call delusion.
God is all powerful and all knowing yet he sees the need for a seed in order to secure a multiplication. he has the ability to say hey! get whatever you want but he sees the need for us as humans to make an effort. I don't know his reasons but I know a Yoruba proverb that says "what you don't work for, you don't value"  In life today, a lot of people are not making any efforts yet the want increase to come their way. Take for example the story of Jesus with the five loaves of bread and fishes, without the five loaves there wouldn't have been the  twelve baskets of remnants, Even Jesus had to have something at hand before the multiplication happened.
Question now is, what's that you have in your hands? What is  that you have to offer if given the opportunity, what skills do you have, what talents have to harnessed in a way that it makes you stand out. Really what have you got? the popular maxim says "Heaven helps those who help themselves" in other words when you make an effort, then you can ask for a multiplication.
What's that you have in your hands??
I want to you to be inspired to take that step, make the effort, don't just pray and waste your time asking God to increase you when he has got nothing to work with. The most irritating thing about Christians (I am Christian) is the mediocrity we tolerate and sometimes promote. We should rise from the mentality that God will bless us while we do nothing, we should understand that for things to happen in our lives, we need to make a move.
What's that you have in your hands??Ecclesiastes 9;11 records that "the race is not to the swift, the battle not to the strong, nor bread to the wise, nor riches to men of understanding"... have you ever stopped to consider what this scripture means; it simply means you are in the running, but you don't have to be the fastest to win. If you are sitting on the side lines mourning your knee injury this scripture does not apply to you. You are in battle fighting, but you have to be the strongest to win, if you are hiding and complaining or considering the strength of your opponent this scripture does not apply to you too! That scripture simply means that you are making an effort, but your effort is not enough, Gods blessing will complement and then multiplication happens... That's the way I see it.
God is ever willing and ready to bless you, increase you, but asking him to bless you without making an effort is like asking a company for Dividends when you haven't bought any shares... You have to do your part, Make a move!
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