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What's RIAA

Posted on the 19 November 2012 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

Hi everybody thanks for reading my blogs and support. Today I would like to talk a little bit about an association relatedto music business and industry. The association I will write about is the Recording Industry Association of America better known as RIAA. RIAA is known as a trade organization that dedicates to support and promote the financial and creative vitality of major music companies. RIAA® members create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 85% of all authentic recorded music produced and sold in the United States. Its members are the music labels that contain the record industry in the world. The way RIAA works is by protecting the intellectual property and the First Amendment rights of artists and music labels. They can do that by carry out consumer, industry and technical research, and monitoring and reviewing state and federal laws, regulations and policies. RIAA pays tribute to their associate members by certificating Gold®, Platinum®, Multi-Platinum™ and Diamond sales awards as well as Los Premios De Oro y Platino™, an award celebrating Latin music sales. These certificates are part of RIAA major programs. RIAA is important to the music industry for many reasons. One reason is that when an artist or label sales 500,000 copies of a album or a song automatically the association certificates them with a gold certification. If the album or song over passes 1 million copies the association certificate them with a platinum certification. These certifications give prestige to the artist as well as the label because what it means is that the song or the album was a success. The more sales the more profits the more the prestige for the people that work on the album or song. The good thing about RIAA is that it ensures the security and integrity of the work created by artists and labels.

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