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University of Life

Posted on the 24 February 2013 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

Through the years, and as one grows older, people acquire experiences. Many experiences are good and many are bad everything depends on the people and if they learn from them. Most people who go to college are looking forward to be better humans and better professional, but there is no better learning than learning acquired in the university of life. I have a degree in marketing and am currently doing my Masters in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University but nothing compares to what I learned in college and in life. Life gives us so many lessons in how to do things properly without having to go to a prestigious university. I know successful business owners who have never gone to college and not even have their high school diploma but went to the university of life. Through my years doing my degree and my masters, I have understood many concepts taught in the university but also are part of the daily routine of life. It’s funny when you try to learn some new concept in college and the university of life had provided to you already. Is always good to gain knowledge that will make us grow as people and as professionals, that is why we go to college for four or six years to acquire new knowledge. However the learning that life gives us can be acquired in a matter of minutes and in situations that occur every day. Since I started my Masters and seen the concepts that my instructors have teach, I learn that these concepts are very similar to the concepts taught in the university of life. No matter where you study or how many degrees you have what is important is to learn in every situation or lived experience as well as in the classroom or in the university of life which lead us to make the decisions that we think are correct.

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