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More Than a Manager a Friend...

Posted on the 11 February 2013 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

A good artist manager deals with many responsibilities each day. From knowing what’s good or bad for the artist and planning an artist career each day artist managers have a bigger role. The biggest role that an artist manager can have is the friend role. The artist manager should be artist’s right hand not only for business, but also for personal life issues. Many artists have their ups and downs with their personal life problems and artists’ managers should be the ones that first notice any change in the artist personal life. The only way a person can know that something wrong is happening to you is a true friend. Sometimes a friend can know you more that a family member. A good artist manager should act as a true friend. For the better of his reputation and the wealth of his artist a good manager should be a friend for his artist. Being a friend would help the artist manager to deal with many upcoming situations and be ahead of them. A good example can be when an artist do not want to show up to a certain radio show or TV program because he or her does not see how can showing up to the certain program can help their career image. How can a manager persuade his artist the importance of showing up to the show? For a good manager this might not be a problem. Even thou the artist have shown his decision of not going, a good manager will know how to convince the artist. A good manager will know when and how persuade his artist to show up to the show. The only reason an artist manager can do that is because he knows his artist better than his artist know himself. Only true friends knows his friend better than their self. 

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