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Interview with Mireille Bravo

Posted on the 13 January 2013 by Daddybear @papaosoflow

          Hi everyone today I am going to interview a great friend of mine who has been in the music business for 18 years and counting. Her name is Mireille Bravo. She is a bilingual/multicultural record label A&R, music publishing executive, entertainment consultant, creative thinker and developer with the ability to move seamlessly between the English and Spanish language corporate cultures within various countries. She is also a developer of strategic alliances with a global impact. She recently introduce XIX Management Company headed by SimonFuller and the IDB Inter-American Development Bank for Fullers most recent show Q’Viva, where she also helped seek and select talent from 21 countries. She have a 20 years experience in all areas of entertainment including: global A&R, music publishing, artist representation, domestic and international promotion, publicity and media relations, live event booking and talent procurement. She also been involved in the philanthropic world, helping create and launch The Ricky Martin Foundation, its Music in School Program and ThePeople for Children’s project which aims to eradicate child trafficking as well as a home building project in Phuket Thailand along side Habitat for Humanity after visiting the areas affected by the Tsunami of 2004. The interview consist of three simple question:Ossie Ocasio: How do you separate the people from the problem when you are negotiating?Mireille Bravo: First of all, you need to know with whom you are negotiating and gain their trust, show them that you believe in them, sometimes you need to teach them about the business so that they can make a decision based on facts and not based on misguided information by people who have unrealistic expectations. Ossie Ocasio: How can you detect when somebody is trying to trick you?Mireille Bravo: I remember one time when this artist came up to me telling me to work with him saying that he had a song with one of the artist that I was working at the time. On a regular basis, I have to deal with many artist like him that say that they have work with this or that artist when I go and check the artist do not even know that other artist that was saying that he had work with.Ossie Ocasio: Can you give me an example of how you worked toward mutual benefit when you were negotiating a deal?Mireille Bravo: I remember when I was negotiating a publishing deal with a major producing team and I was competing with three other publishers for the deal. I was able to sign the group by reducing the copyright terms. Instead of lifetime of copyright all rights would reverse to them 15 yrs after the contract expire. Been able to know Mireille is a great privilege and honor knowing the kind of experience that she brings to the table after a successful 20-year career in the music world.

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