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What’s In My Purse + What It Says About Me

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

what's in my purse

What is it about the inside of a persons purse that is so intriguing to me? I guess it’s just a really good way to get to know a person. Do they care about details? Are they secretly OCD? Do they save everything? The list could go on…

Here is what I think you could tell out me from my purse & why:

+ orange shaped lip balm // chocolate dipped strawberry keychain // cupcake coin purse & lipgloss (that I use as a pill case): I collect random knick knacks and will buy things just because they are cute.

+ neon wallet // circle sunnies // fave crimson lipstick: I like to keep it fresh


+ iPad stylus // greenies for Bitzy // pepper spray: I like to always be prepared.

+ vintage Louis card case // Led Zeppelin id case // travel craft kit: I am quite organized.

+ reading glasses: I like to read. duh.

So tell me…. what’s in your purse and what does it say about you? 

what's in my purse

what's in my purse


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