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What's in My Make-up Kit So Far....

By Beauty18claudia @Beauty18Claudia
I promised this post so long ago but I wanted to wait until I actually had a box, but I still don't so I'm doing it anyway. I ordered the Inglot medium train case online a while back but they emailed saying they didn't have any left and can I wait 6 weeks. With money being tight I just asked for a refund and still haven't found one I like as much as that one and it's hard to judge quality online so if anyone knows of any please let me know. I just want a plain black professional looking case made by anyone so please help!
What's in my make-up kit so far....
Anyway, below are the products I have already for my kit. The first picture was taken a while back and since then have taken out the MAC Mixing Medium and added 3 more foundations.
What's in my make-up kit so far.... What's in my make-up kit so far....  I got the Pazery Bouffard brushes from my make-up course earlier in the year for £70. The brush belt is from Inglot £27.00.
What's in my make-up kit so far.... The eyelash curlers, small pack of sponges and round sponges came with the brushes above. The color wheel, big pack of sponges and white trays all came from and including delivery cost me a total of about £8.00. The white boxed lashes are Pazery Bouffard 4 for £5.00 also from my course but you can buy them online if you search really hard. The other lashes are just from Savers for about £1.99 each.
What's in my make-up kit so far.... MAC Strobe cream MAC Gently off eye and lip make-up remover MAC select cover-up concealer - NW20
What's in my make-up kit so far....
What's in my make-up kit so far.... Top picture of blushers.Top one is Tenderling and the bottom one is Pink Swoon. Eyeshadow's: the first two on their own are Pink Freeze (the pinky one) and Satellite Dreams (the purple)
The next section are the brights: Top L-R: Deep truthSumptuous Olive, Amber Lights Middle row L-R: Tilt, Cranberry, Parfait Amour Bottom row L-R: Steamy, Beauty Marked, Electra
The next section are the neutral's:  Top L-R: Brule, Carbonized, Patina Middle row L-R: Mythology, Antiqued, Woodwinked, Swiss Chocolate Bottom row L-R: Gleam, Coppering, Tempting, Folie, Carbon
What's in my make-up kit so far.... MAC Creme color base blusher - Improper Copper MAC paint pot - Rubenesque
What's in my make-up kit so far.... L-R:  Crosswires, M.A.C Red, Impassioned
What's in my make-up kit so far.... L-R: MAC Studio scultp foundation - NC15 MAC Face and Body foundation - N3
MAC Face and Body foundation - C1 MAC Face and Body foundation - C7 MAC Studio fix fluid foundation - NW15 MAC Studio fix fluid foundation - NW30 CK one colour foundation - 200 Fair
And that's everything I have so far. If you know of anything that you have in your kit that I should get or a product you love please leave a comment letting me know. I'd love to hear any advice or tips and thank you in advance if anyone does leave a comment. 
Have a brilliant weekend! What's in my make-up kit so far....

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