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What's In My Hospital Bag?

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
Whats in my hospital bag?
Whats in my hospital bag? beautyI know I have a few expectant mums reading so I thought I would share with you what I am taking with me in my hospital bag. This is just my bag, I have a separate bag for baby which I will do another post on.
I am mainly showing off the beauty items but will briefly tell what else I am taking but didn't think you would want to see a picture of my big maternity knickers. ;)
I plan to have a water birth as long as everything goes smoothly, so to actually give birth I will probably be in the nude but I am taking two nighties, one in case I feel like covering up or decide that the water isn't for me and another that buttons up for after as I thought this would be best for breast feeding.
I obviously have things like knickers, socks, slippers and a maternity bra packed. As well as a loose pair of joggers to travel home in. Also the necessities like breast pads and maternity pads. (Lovely)
I am taking a towel as I know the hospital ones are tiny, plus a dressing gown in case I get cold after.
When it comes to the beauty items I am not taking any make up, if I can't get away looking like crap after giving birth when can I?
I have mainly packed things to get me clean and for hydrating my skin as I think I will need it. I have main essentials like my toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, (it was the excuse I needed to buy my beloved Wet Brush in miniature version) hairbands, deodorant, flannel and shower gel which is a mini So White from Lush.
I packed two lip balms as everyone says your lips dry out like mad, I have one from Dr Paw Paw which is a multi use balm and my beloved Blistex.
I also treated myself to some Elemental Herbology travel skincare as I know it works well with my skin and it will feel like a little treat. I have the Purify & Soothe Cleansing Balm and the Facial Souffle Overnight Repair Cream.
I plan to take my makeup off (if I have any on) and get lots of moisturiser on my skin as soon as I get settled into hospital just so I know its done. I am so particular when it comes to my skin.
I also have a simple hydrating moisturiser if I want something lighter as well as simple wipes as they may come in handy.
I have packed a body lotion but probably won't use it but its there just in case, I know how tight my skin can feel after being in water for a long time.
Lastly I have a mini This Works Deep Sleep Spray again just in case, I may want something to help me relax and this is full of Lavender and Chamomile.
I think that's everything, oh I need to get a shampoo and conditioner. Again I might treat myself to a nice brand for this. (Any recommendations?) There is also a pack of tissues in there, mainly for my mom as she will probably be crying more than anyone.
I wanted to take as little as possible, I am hoping to be in and out but if I do end up staying overnight I know my partner will bring me things from home if needed.
Do let me know if there is anything you think I should add?

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