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Review - Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat.

By Brightowngirl @Brightowngirl
Review - Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat. Review swatch- Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat. I first spotted the Barry M Sunset Nail Paints on Instagram, quite a few people were talking about them so I decided to pick up a shade and the top coat and give them a try.
I am big fan of the Barry M Nail range so had high hopes, even though I had heard very mixed reviews.
The Sunset Nail Paints and Topcoat are a quick and easy way to get salon gel nails without the UV lamp and price tag. The paints are formulated so they bond to the nail like gels so you do not need to use a base coat and then you apply the Sunset Topcoat to seal the polish.
I picked up the shade Do It Like A Nude which is your typical milky nude shade which I love.
The polish has a wide brush just like the Barry M Speedy Nail Paints which makes application quick and easy with just one or two swipes.
I found Do It Like A Nude to be very sheer when applied and I need a good 3 coats to build up the color. It also was a little streaky but once the second the coat was on you couldn't tell.
You need to wait for each coat to dry before adding another and luckily the paints dry quickly. Once the color is dry you then apply the Sunset Top Coat to seal it and let the sunlight cure it.
The top coat was dry within minutes so great if you are in a rush. It left the nails looking super shiney just like you would expect gel nails to look.
After about 4/5 days I started to notice the ends were wearing away so it unfortunately doesn't have the lasting power of gel nails but do last a little longer than the average Barry M Nail paints which usually chip in a couple of days on me.
I did find the hi-shine effect lasted well though and I really do love the color Do It Like A Nude so I wasn't disappointed. I plan to pick up I Can't Get You Out Of My Red next as I do love a glossy red nail.
Overall I don't think the Sunset Nail Paints & Topcoat quite live up to a proper gel manicure but do give you a lovely glossy manicure cheaper than most nail polishes so I think they are worth checking out.
You can pick these up from the Barry M website as well as Boots and Superdrug for £4.99

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