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What's Cooking? Warm Up Soup

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

Prayers have been answered! Snow has arrived in Toronto. I do like a good snow fall. Of course. What I don't like is living in the reality of snow. From minor annoyances like my glasses getting wet and fogging up to slipping and sliding while walking from the metro to work, snow is only wonderful when you lead a leisurely life that allows you to stay home, light a romantic fire, wear cozy PJ's and read all day long by that said fire. Instead, most of us end up at work looking like we came out of a battle (or preparing to go into battle). Thankfully the weekend is here and that means you can actually take advantage of the snow and get in some outdoor activities. And when you come back inside, have I got a great recipe to help you warm up. Beets and Butternut Squash Soup. At first, you may not think this is a good combination. I didn't. But, put aside your doubts and give this recipe a chance. It is high in anti-oxidants, vitamins and low in calories and fat. Also a great option for vegetarians. Do you need more reasons? I made up my own recipe but here is one from the Dinner With Julie blog that is a close match. The cool factor is the bright red color of the soup. Neat-O.
What's Cooking? Warm Up Soup I'm sure you won't be disappointed! Here are some interesting variations of this recipe. Check this, this and this out. 

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