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Ping Pong Throwdown

By Fashiontofood @FashiontoFood

Ping Pong Throwdown


Hello friends,
I just had to share a brilliant new documentary that I stumbled on and it has propelled me to login to Google and write a blog post. (Yes, it has been a while... ). The trailer gave me goosebumps. Watching 80+ seniors competing, uttering phrases like, "I don't care how good she is, I can get her," showing real dynamism and energy that I can barely manage at my age, I felt so moved. It's incredible to watch their youthful spirit take over and despite the wrinkles and their physical bodies giving us the impression that they should slow down, these guys are ready for a throwdown.
We don't really give enough thought to senior citizens do we? As a society, we seem to recognize "youth" and being "young" in terms of how it is manifested physically - tight, limber body, smooth (expressionless) face, matching wrinkle-free hands, knee-caps, jet-black/brown/blond hair. Especially in this day and age when plastic surgery can erase the years off just about any surface, it's incredible to watch these seniors come alive.

Ping Pong Throwdown

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