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What's All the Fuss?

By Vickilane
What's All the Fuss?
 After being gone since Saturday afternoon, after I had alerted friends and neighbors, after I'd spent two restless nights listening out for her and thinking of all the things that could happen to a little dog in the woods --tree fall, copperhead, bear, bobcat, cave-in-- after I'd told John that I'd pretty much given up hope, after all this and more, Jenny waltzed in the front door yesterday around 1o in the morning. 

She was just fine. A little hungry but then she always is. Some ticks on her but then there always are. 


And how happy I am to have her back--with thanks to all who were concerned.

One concerned FB friend told me about a beagle she once had that went missing for two weeks before returning on her own and said that Jenny might well do the same. "From your lips to God's ears," I told her, feeling just a little less forlorn. And maybe 15 minutes later, I heard Jenny at the front door. 

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