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What Once Was Old is New Again

By Kalamitykelli @venuscorpiogirl

What once was Old is New Again

Tuesday nights I usually have a new recipe, and I DO have one or two to share, but tonight I thought I would share my artistic side with you. First though, I want to share a story with you.

My dad loved wild flowers. He thought they were the most beautiful of all God’s plant creations. He had two favorites: Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. Dad passed away on my birthday nearly 20 years ago and when he died, I insisted there be wild flowers at the funeral. Since there is no one in my family, immediate or extended, who will argue with me – wild flowers graced the casket. I don’t remember much about that day except there was lots of laughter – I also insisted that the minister tell jokes and stories about dad’s many practical jokes instead of mourning his passing – and those Indian Paintbrushes. I don’t see them often, but when I do – I feel warm, comforted, and as if dad is telling me everything is going to be alright.
Fast forward to today. The last couple of days have not been stellar days in the life of Kalamity Kelli and I haven’t gotten to read many of my blogger friend’s posts. This afternoon I was catching up when I came to the wonderful blog called “noelleodesigns”. The post is called – You Can’t Buy Happiness – I snickered to myself thinking that was the most truthful thing I had read in weeks. I clicked on the link: / and in the third picture down, there it was! Indian Paintbrushes sending me a message from dad that everything was going to be alright. Well, I cried like a big ol’ bawlbag! It was mostly from relief knowing that it really WAS going to be okay. To thank her for giving me such a prized gift, I wanted to mention her blog and give you a link – please go over, look around, see the wild flowers (there are others), and tell her I sent you! Now, on to the artistic part of our show…….

I also follow the Renegade Seamstress over here: and the third one down is the Old/New art of Tie Dye! You have GOT to go see what she did with hers – actually, just look at all those refashions. What Beth can do with a sewing machine, tie dye kit, and a bleach pen….you have GOT to see what she does with a bleach pen, is MAGICAL! Seriously. Anyway, I learned how to tie dye when I was 10 years old at summer camp held at the YWCA in my hometown. We swam, played ping-pong, basketball, softball, and dodge ball. In arts and crafts class we painted ashtrays (it was the 70’s), had a play of the Wizard of Oz, and tie dyed everything that wasn’t nailed down. I had to try it again and in the spirit of making your grandchildren wear things that embarrass them, I tie dyed some items for Rocket! Here’s what I did:

I got together my needed items:

What once was Old is New Again

Tied up the onesies and undershirt with rubber bands:

What once was Old is New Again

Went to the garage and filled a bucket with hot water, rit dye, and a cup of salt, stirring for 20 minutes:

What once was Old is New Again

Rinsed items until it ran clear:

What once was Old is New Again

Then I ran them through the washer with Dreft soap and hung them up to dry:

What once was Old is New Again

The one of the far right is a “free handed” Peace Sign – I think I did a respectable job, don’t you? So, have any of you ever tie dyed anything? If so, what and how did it turn out?

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