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What NEW in the Studio & Animation Classes

By Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal
What NEW in the Studio & Animation Classes
SHD Studio (Sweetheart Diary Studio) is my sub-blog that carries all the Blogger and Photoshop tutorials. It was started a few months ago and I had been constantly working on it all this time. I had posted many tutorials but it was a messed up space. I felt that all the posts were mixed up, they were not sorted, SHD Studio should have something 'more'. Also it was too colorful and bright for the eyes.
What NEW in the Studio & Animation Classes
I had been posting my freebies on this main blog but now I have shifted my Freebies page to my sub-blog because it relates with it. In the Index tab, you can find the list of tutorials set with order and under categories.  I am very happy with its look because it is clean.
There are many recent interesting tutorials in the Studio. You can now also follow the sub-blog to stay updated. You can also request for new tutorials and I will help you in whatever you want to learn.
Stay updated for the Animation classed starting soon in the SHD Studio. Confirm your participation by leaving your blog link in the form below to help me know and contact you.
Requirements for Classes:
Adobe Photoshop CS4 or any version.
QuickTime Player (installed in the PC)

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