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Beauty Products That I Use

By Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal
Beauty Products that I use
I am not a fan of makeup and cosmetics. The ones I posses are the selected ones which are recommended for my skin type. I do not wear a lot of makeup. An Arabic 'Kohl', a lotion or a moisturizer and a light pink lip gloss is just perfect and enough for me.
In school, I have to take a lot of care for my skin as my classroom is located at the outside shaded area near playground where I get the direct contact of sun rays and specially at the times of my duties during lunch break and dismissal.
1. The Body Shop's Vitamin C Skin Boost is meant for the skin's protection from UV rays.
2. I use this ColorTrend Eye Pencil most of the times.
3. The Body Shop's Love Etc... Body lotion leaves a nice smell and moisture.
4. Current Beauty Cream is a newly introduced produced which my neighbor brought from Pakistan and gifted me to use and notice the change in skin color after 2 weeks. I have seen the visible results on her skin and that encouraged me to use it too.
5. SHEA Cashmere Hand Cream from Bath & Body Works leaves a beautiful fragrance and silky texture on my hands.
This is all I have at this moment, what about you?

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