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What Is the Source of Behavioral Differences Between Euro and Non-Euro Caucasians?

Posted on the 10 March 2016 by Calvinthedog

“If you spend a lot of time around non-European Whites, you will notice that they seem to be part of your “family” like any White person is, and also that they more or less act like Euro Whites too.”

Tell that to the all the German women assaulted in Cologne.

We have lots of Arabs and North Indians around here. They don’t go around assaulting women. They just like regular White people. Actually they act better than most of the Euro Whites around here.

The North Indians in particular are 25% Northeast Asian, so that my be the source of their better behavior. They do seem pretty calmed down and sedate. Also the North Indians around here are crazy study maniacs. Most of the young people are going to college and they study like crazy all the time in large groups in the coffee shop. They are almost nerds like that.

The Arabs around here do have a bit of Black in them. The ones hereabouts are actually 20% Black. What is fascinating is that having 20% Black in them does not seem to change their behavior in any noticeable way. If anything they act better than the regular Euro Whites around here with no Black in them. You cannot see any traces of Black behavior coming from even 20% Black genes.

I am not sure what that adds up to, but we maybe having a bit of Black in you is not the end of the world. The ancient Egyptians were 13% Black. So it looks like non-Blacks can have up to 20% Black genes and still be highly functional and civilized races. There is no reason to freak out if your race is getting some Black genes bred into it. Obviously at some point it becomes a concern, but at least Caucasians seem to be able to weather 10-20% Black genes quite well.

This also argues against race being biological. But maybe Arab culture is so strong that it negates any negative effects from those Black genes. Or maybe 10-20% Black genes simply isn’t enough to change Whites very much As with Black percentage in a city, where towns and schools can weather Blacks up to a point, there is probably a tipping point in Caucasians, schools and cities where the Black percentage gets over a certain amount and then a lot of characteristic Black behaviors, not all of them positive, start showing up.

Around here, we have Blacks, Mexicans and full Mexican Indians. Trust me, the local Arabs and North Indians do not act like anything like Amerindians, Mexicans or Blacks. It is so clear just being around them that we are talking about completely different races. I look at those North Indians and Arabs, and they remind me of the White people I grew up with and lived with all my life. They seem like they are part of my race. Granted, sometimes they can act bad due to culture or religion, but I don’t get the feeling that I am a completely different race from them. I do get that feeling from the Mexicans, Amerindians and Blacks.

Also in case you are wondering about Mexicans, there are quite a few Mexicans around here who are quite White. We may as well call them White Mexicans. Guess who they act like? A lot of them act like me! They act like White people! The more White they have in them, the more they act like regular Euros despite coming from Mexican culture. There’s got to be something to biological race. I know there is.

They are still part of my racial family. But you know within a racial family, you can have good actors and bad actors just like in any family.

The non-European Caucasians are more like Euros in behavior than they are like any other race. Their behavior does not resemble any of the other large races. In a gross sense such as the way the typical Asian – White – Black divide breaks down, non-Euro Caucasians will line up with Euros on many variables. They don’t act like Asians. They don’t act like Black people. They don’t act like Aborigines or Papuans or Negritos. They don’t act like Oceanians. They don’t act like Amerindians.

However, they do have some very different cultures as far as religion and general culture are concerned. I don’t think their genes are much different from the genes of Euros. But culture is such a profound factor in human behavior. The behavior of those Arab men in Cologne is due to their culture, not to the fact that their genes are different from European genes.

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