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What Is the Essence of the Hillary/Alt-Right Conundrum?

Posted on the 30 August 2016 by Calvinthedog

My answer on Quora. An idiotic conservative Republican answers me. I do not mind conservative Republicans, but I would like an opposition party that makes some sort of sense. The problem I have with the Republicans and the wingnuts is that their message is so irrational. If we are going to have an opposition, it should at least make sense.

The Democraps hate women! Mention Lincoln again. The Libs are the real racists! LBJ quote! Mention Lincoln again. Hillary quotes! Robert Byrd over and over, did you know he’s KKK? Mention Lincoln again. The Blacks need to get off the Democratic Party plantation! Robert Byrd! Look at our screwed up cities, all run by Democraps! The Dems are the real racists! Benghazi! Whitewater!

Robert Byrd! Monica! BLM is a terrorist group! Mention Lincoln again. They’re gonna take away our guns! Robert Byrd! Social programs hurt Blacks, let’s get rid of all of them! Obama is a Kenyan! Obama, radical Muslim terrorist! Mention Lincoln again. Obama has declared war on Whites! Robert Byrd! Obama is dividing out country by race! Eric Holder! Mention Lincoln again. New Black Panthers in Philly! Robert Byrd! Fast and Furious! Voter fraud by the millions! Robert Byrd! Dems registering illegals to vote by the 100,000’s! Monica! Mention Lincoln again. 

It’s so insipid. It’s like the rantings of a retarded, psychotic six year old. I am serious. That’s about the idiot level that it’s on. The Alt Right are evil, but at least a lot of their wicked arguments are based on facts. Republican narratives are simply batshit loony. They’re also stupid as Hell. Really, the Republicans need to give up posing as anti-racists, feminists, gay rights activists and advocates for the poor. Everyone knows the Party is racist as Hell, very much anti-women, strongly anti-gay, and we all know how much they hate the poor. What’s with the charade? It’s so absurd. Do they think that anyone actually believes this BS?

These guys are fascists, almost all of them, either Trump-fascists or a far nastier variety. The non-fash are mostly MRA’s who hate feminism. Many of these also hate women. Homophobia is very big on the Alt Right. All of this is directly contrary to Hillary’s embrace of the Cultural Left, in particular feminism, immigrant rights and Blacks (BLM, etc.).

Here is the idiot Republican boilerplate comment that follows. I am printing it to show you as obtuse and asinine it is. Like I said, I would love to have a real opposition party that actually made sense. I mean I am sure their positions would suck, but at least they would have a logical narrative. The Republican narrative is simply straight up insane and dumber than a rock.

Where do you get your information Robert? Mrs. Bill Clinton is not a feminist. Women haters exist within every group. Milo, a spokesperson for the Alt-Right is GAY! Mrs. Bill Clinton does embrace the Cultural Left, which only reflects the Saul Alinsky philosophy of destruction, not construction. You have only to look at the morass in contemporary Chicago to see that. Immigration policy needs to be examined and improved. And that false woman looks down on all people, including BLM — with no exceptions.

Isn’t that retarded? Damn that is a stupid comment. Ever seen those trash mountains at the landfill. This is like a huge trash mountain of stupid that poured out of the landfill of some deranged brain, with bulldozers of logic hurrying over it trying in vain to make it make sense somehow amidst all the swirling stupid.

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