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What Is the Connection Between Feminism and Lesbianism?

Posted on the 20 March 2015 by Calvinthedog

Anonymous writes:

I’m more interested in how you think women hate men. Facts, statistics, anything? A source would be great. I just feel that your input is still very opinionated. I’d also like to further my theory in the opposing side. Though, I can understand the stereotype that feminists are all hairy, lesbian, hippies. But feminism is about inequalities toward women; and sometimes that is even caused by other women.

Where did I say that women hate men? Some women hate men, but most do not. A lot of women have a certain amount of built up anger towards men, but they may also have a lot of fondness towards them too. They have mixed feelings towards men, as many of us have mixed feelings towards a lot of things.

Do feminists hate men? A lot of them sure act like they do. And it’s been this way from Day One. Many of the greatest heroes or feminism were extreme man-haters, often lesbians or lesbian-separatists. Lesbian obsession is well known in feminism. Lesbians lesbians lesbians. It goes on and on.

Yet lesbians are only 2% of women. Yet lesbianism represents far more than 2% of lesbian discourse. If feminism was not connected to lesbianism, one would assume that feminists would talk about lesbianism maybe 2% of the time, right? Yet they talk about it far more than that. This implies that lesbianism is a very important part of feminism.

And yes, many feminists are lesbians, and there are branches of feminism, such as lesbian feminism and radical feminism, that actively promote lesbianism and man-hatred. In the 1960’s there was a big movement in feminism for women to go off and form their own lesbian communities “to try to live apart from men.” These were the first lesbian separatist movements. Many women who went off and joined these communities and got involved in lesbianism later decided that was not what they liked and left those communities. Hence many of those communities sort of withered away.

I understand women very well and I have known many women in this life. I have long noted that women who call themselves feminists seem angry at men and are often man-haters. In fact, there is a linear relationship. The more of a feminist the woman is, the more of a man-hater she is. However, I do believe that there are feminists who are not man-haters.

And the loudmouths that are heterosexual? At the end of the day and they need cock like any other straight women. The more sexually active a heterosexual feminist is, the less she hates men. There is a linear relationship there too. The more she loves cock, the less she hates men. Many women who truly love cock and men explicitly reject feminism and say they are not feminists because they associate it with man-hatred, lesbianism and other things. These women’s attitude seems to be “I love men too much to be a feminist.” I run into this attitude all the time.

So there is a disconnect between feminist discourse, in which the man-hatred and contempt for masculinity and male sexuality is obvious, and the most feminists actually live their lives. When it comes to man-hatred, most feminists talk a great game but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, most of them love dick too much to truly hate men. And most women who love cock love men. I never run into a man-hater who on the other hand loves cock. I am not sure if they exist.

But feminist leadership has been heavily lesbian. There must be a reason for this odd fact. And many feminists converted to lesbianism upon getting heavily into feminism. They call themselves political lesbians. They simply turned lesbian because they hated men so much.

Most of the feminists who truly hate men seem to be lesbians. Or they have quit having sex for whatever reason.

A lifetime of experience leads me to this conclusion.

For a long time I believe the feminist line that “feminists don’t hate men.” Then I started going to a lot of feminist websites and reading a lot of feminist material. The man-hatred was so thick you could cut it with a knife. That is when I started thinking that the “feminists hate men” was not the lie that feminists say it is but instead had some validity. Sure, not all feminists are man-haters but a lot of them are. The accusation has some basis in fact.

Why is feminism so wildly obsessed with lesbianism far to the degree that they ought to be. Keep in mind that feminists logically should only talk about lesbianism 2% of the time. Yet lesbianism counts for far more than 2% in feminist discourse. One asks, “Why the lesbian obsession?” Because lesbianism, especially political lesbianism, is the ultimate in hatred and contempt for men. It is the ultimate expression of a profound hatred for males. Hence the lesbianism obsession in feminist discourse derives directly from man-hatred and from nothing else.

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