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What is the Best Workout to Lose Fat Without the Gym?

By Spunder

Are there alternatives to working out at the gym?

Altough it is preffered to combine a diet with some exercises it is not necesary though to go to the gym. There are alternatives. I think any kind of physical exercise you will enjoy will work so long as you feel your pushing your body. Fast walking, biking, jogging even outdoor work around the house. Whatever you choose, it has to include that little extra where you feel your body working.
Go do something you enjoy and push yourself a little more each time and you will see  results.

If you do not want go get out of the house for some reasons you can try actually working out at home. Try some at workout videos. I personally prefer to do that at home with workout videos because I could be at my own comfort zone. Find something that you like if possible. Cardio, such as running, biking, aerobics can help you burn calories but throw in some strength training as well.

The most important thing is a diet.

Keep a food journal and track your daily calories, there are on-line calculators that help you determine how much calories you need to consume every day based on your lifestyle and body sieze. To be able to loose weight you must consume less calories than your body needs every day, thus beeing forced to consume fat to get energy. A high heart rate gets to the lungs the much needed oxygen for fat burning process in your body. So do a lot of cardio.


Good luck.

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