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What is Research Priority Setting?

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Soumyadeepb

Originally posted on Flying Evidence:

Research priority setting is a term used by lots of people, however, many of them have a different understanding what this term means. Research priority setting has been defined as part of a research cycle starting from the identification of a research questions (based on scoping the context and/or engaging with stakeholders) to ranking the questions, implementing them and finally evaluating the process. Others would see only the step “ranking the questions” as research priority setting. Some researchers believe that research priority setting should be accountable and systematic. Others accept a consensus of a few people behind the doors adequate to prioritise research. We had recently an international workshop on agenda setting and research priority setting methods on 1-2 June in Plymouth University, UK. A question that was raised again and again in the workshop was “what are values underpinning the decisions that we make in setting a research agenda…

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