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What is Happening to Blogger?

By Rubytuesday
Is it just me Or is blogger really quiet of late?It just seems to be like a bit of a ghost town Where it was once thriving and buzzingNow it's eerily calm and quietI guess blogger is not cool anymore Twitter and Instagram are really where it's atI don't really use any social media apart from Blogger I've never really been a fan of FacebookI do have an account But I rarely use it Or even look at itIt's just not my thing I don't use Twitter or Instagram either But am thinking about joining one or bothI am not the most technically minded person But I think I could get the hang of itThere was a time Not too long ago When I depended on blogger for so much For support with my ED and addictionAnd for social interaction As I was getting precious little in my real lifeMy blog was about sharing my story And to meet like minded people There was a real buzz about blogger a few years agoBut that seems to be diminishing And there is only a small core group of bloggers left Where have all the others gone?I don't know I'm hoping that they have moved on from the difficult place they were inI'm hoping they are now in recovery And don't need the support of bloggerI'm hoping they are in some kind of recovery I just hope that they are okSome of these girls I was very close toSo it's quite distressing when they vanish in to thin air The truth is that some of them will have recovered Some will have one foot in the disorder And one in their EDAnd some will still be up to their neck in ED behaviours I would love to hear from some of those who have disappeared So if you are out there If you are readingDo get in touch I would love to hear from you 
With all that said I was wondering about you Do you use any other social media?Which ones do you use?Are you like me And really miss some bloggers who have now disappeared?Are you in touch with any of them?Inquiring minds want to know.....

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