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What I Wore to So Delhi Confluence #ConfluenceAtLalit

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc


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What I Wore to So Delhi Confluence #COnfluenceAtLalit
What I Wore to So Delhi Confluence #COnfluenceAtLalit
What I Wore to So Delhi Confluence #COnfluenceAtLalit
my So-Confluence goodie-bagIndian designer's creation at #ConfluenceAtLalit.
I managed to go there after work, and dared to stay there in my oh-so-casual outfit and I was bold enough to change my casual cotton top with a denim-shirt in the washroom full of gorgeous girls wrapped in everything "it" you could ever imagine!But I did a smart thing!
I wanted to attend this confluence and I attended. I wanted to feel comfortable and I did. I wanted to meet someone new and I met two. I wanted to give and receive warm smiles and I did. I wanted to know some new brands and I have come with handful of new names. I didn't lose anything! May be I wasn't in my sharpest outfit but what all matters is how you pull-off and I did a great job!
If you love yourself, you don't need others approval! *wink*

The star piece of my outfit is my denim shirt and that is a thrifted one! LOL and these pictures were taken after the event, hence all oiliness!!
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