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What I Won’t Be Doing On My 46th Birthday

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Running 46 miles. Some bloggers run the number of miles that they turn on their birthday. Impressive for sure. But, if I did that I would run right into my grave and I’d rather not die today. Instead I might eat 46 Reese's or drink 46 ounces of something.

Writing a blog post containing 46 things about me. I did this on my 43rd birthday and I think that is enough (Dang. I’ve been blogging for over three years. Might be time to stop?). If you care what my phobia is, that I used to deal black jack, how much heavier I used to be and 40 more random things about me - go HERE.


Feeling bad about turning 46. A friend left me a message asking if I was “okay about my birthday.” I LOVE my birthday, even as I’m getting older. It never occurred to me to not feel okay about it even though I am not officially closer to 50 than 40.

Taking a rest day. One of the gifts I give to myself today is the gift of running. 7 mile tempo run coming up!

Doing laundry (well, I don’t do it anyway, hooray for husband and kids) or doing any other type of house cleaning, cooking, etc. Two words: Sushi HAPA!!

What I Won’t Be Doing On My 46th Birthday

Working. I paid my dues this week cramming stuff in so I could be free. See? Here is proof (is my hair receding?):


Making my own cake. My mom already made me one on Sunday (banana with caramel icing) and I ate it all. Maybe I will buy another cake tomorrow. I love the cakes at Costco with the cheesecake icing/filling. But, I think they serve 2,098 people. Do you all want to come over?


Me enjoying cake on my 1 year birthday. February 22, 1968.


Do birthdays depress or excite you? I love my birthday no matter how old I am. I see it as the dawn of new possibilities!

What is your absolute favorite thing to do on your birthday? I love a massage or pedicure, a free car wash and dinner with family and friends. I’m easy (TWSS)


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