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What I Really Wear | My Style Story

By Suma @ThFabJunkie
What I Really Wear | My Style Story

Hey Loves, 

Style isn't something that is made to stay the same forever. Just like your life, your style should evolve. Even though you're changing there's a tiny part of you that will always be that girl (or guy) that loves to eat the cake batter off the spoon, right? Same concept with your style- you may adapt to the trends but you always stay true to who you are. When I look back at past post on TFBJ and if you know me in real life, I am happy to say that 99% of my style posts are things I would wear in my day to day life. That 1% involves a shoe switch after a few hours BUT still very true to who I am. I love trying new trends, even the "over the top" ones but I always end up with a casual look. But listen, my casual may be VERY different from what you consider casual.

Moving on................

Last week, I shared a couple of shoots I did with my friend Sally (here)- This is what I actually wore to her studio. My favorite pair of Nikes and an oversized sweater. I could seriously LIVE in this outfit. This is what I consider casual. I went through a phase of "I'm not wearing sneakers" BUT that wasn't me and like I stated before, your style can definitely change a bit but there's a little part that stays the same. That's what makes your look organic. With me, the little sneaker head of a teenager never left and I'm totally ok with that. Check out my look!   

What I Really Wear | My Style StoryWhat I Really Wear | My Style Story

Jeans: Forever 21/ Sneakers: Nike/ Sweater: Mandee/ Jacket: Old Navy/ Hat: Six

I seriously always have my ankles exposed. It's like "my thing" but it sucks when it's 4 degrees out. What I Really Wear | My Style StoryWhat I Really Wear | My Style Story
What's your style story? How has your style stayed the same or changed? Until next time.............
What I Really Wear | My Style Story

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