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What I Found On Today’s Run

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Today on my run I found a parakeet.  It looked exactly like this, but I didn’t have my camera so Google images had to do. Cute little feller, no?

What I Found On Today’s Run

It was on the sidewalk and I almost smashed it with my Asics. It flew into a tree. I spent more time than I care to mention trying to coax it out of the tree. I am not sure what I would done if it came to me because I really don’t like birds. Maybe I could have had it for dinner with a side or orzo.

After all was said and done, I left it there. I came home and wondered if I was supposed to call the humane society or animal control in these instances. I mean it is a bird and by the time anyone showed up it would be in Atlanta. So, I did nothing. Pointless story.

This did get me to thinking about all of the weird shit I see when I run. When you drive and bike you miss a lot – but running? You see it all up close, especially if you don’t run that fast. And, I usually don’t.

Some of my best finds (I swear I don’t live on the wrong side of the tracks):

  • Used condom
  • Deer carcass eaten by coyotes
  • Ten million empty airplane sized liquor bottles (must be teens getting rid of evidence. Or a pilot getting rid of evidence)
  • A moose
  • Syringe
  • Starbucks gift card (empty)
  • Lottery ticket (not a winner)
  • Half smoked joint (this is Colorado)
  • Human feces (okay, well it looked like it. Guess it could have been a St. Bernard)
  • Bear feces (I know this because it had berries in it)
  • Underwear (this always confuses me. I am unsure how under garments get left on the side of the road unless someone is again getting rid of evidence? Ewww).
  • Vomit

I am leaving for the Runner’s World Half (Hat Trick) in the morning – flying Denver to Philly. I was thrilled to watch CNN today and learn that a health care worker with Ebola flew on a Frontier flight this week. I am once again reminded to not lick my tray table or make out with strangers sitting beside me.


What’s the most random thing you’ve ever found on a run? Parakeet.

Is Ebola freaking you out? I’m not panicking, but everyday I get a bit more uneasy.


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