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What I Brought...

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh

What I Brought...What I Brought...What I Brought...
Both of the jumpers were from Zara. The one with the slogan from was from the women's section and the blue turtle neck one was from the TRF section. The TRF section has really impressed me throughout the year to be honest the whole shop has impressed me. It's been the go to shop for not only myself but from my friends also & i know of many bloggers who love it there also. 
The Bliss & Glory jumper is a sweater type very casual and it has this unique detailing on the sleeves,  where the seams are there is a leather binding. I feel this makes the jumper look more decent quality with the extra detailing. I brought a medium which fits me perfectly, if your wanting a baggy fit then one up in sizes.
The navy blue turtle neck top has to be my favorite purchase of the day, I believe they do this in another color or something similar at least. I love how this fits me & I love the sleeves on it as the seam where the sleeve starts slouches down my arm giving it a casual feel. I think the contrasting turtle neck makes this quite a formal jumper also. I love wearing this with the gold chain pictured above. 
The jewelry is all from Primark, I don't really like spending a fortune on costume jewelry (which is why i refuse to pay the prices in Topshop) The chain with the toggle necklace reminds me of a bracelet my nan used to wear, It looks quite old school which is why i love it. Originally this had a gold heart dangling from it but I took that off. The earrings are a throwback for me also I remember having something similar as a child except it was a lot thinner. I am not sure about the earrings with gems in though, They will probably go in the bin. 
The leggings were just brought on a whim as i swore them on the way to the checkout - you can never have enough leggings can you? I picked them up mainly because they look similar to the ones I nearly brought in Zara but these baby's were £13 cheaper :)
& last but not least I brought two lip products the first being the ever raved about Nivea lip butters, I completely understand the hype over these so nourishing for my dry lips and the smell is to die for. The other product is a new Rimmel lipstick in the shade 220 Heather Shimmer (whilst writing this post I could of sworn this wasn't the shade I wanted - oh well it's still a nice color.)
I hope you liked my haul, please comment and if you have recently done a haul let me know I love reading these posts. Leigh xo

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