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What Defines Your Role as a Woman?

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

Are our periods the only thing that define us as a Woman?

I was reading a post on Facebook and it actually made me angry to think that there are women out there that feel once they go into menopause, they are less womanly, to the point, it sounded like having a period defined them as a woman!


Personally, I’d like to think there are plenty of other things that make me a woman and just because I don’t shed blood through my girly part that I’m not any less of a woman!

I’m totally embracing the idea of menopause and the thought of no more monthly visit from dear old Aunt Flo. I know there are many changes I’ll go through before I get there and not all of them pleasant,  but I’m very anxiously looking forward to it.

What are your thoughts?

Does having a period define YOU as a woman?

Will you feel less of a woman when you hit perimenopause and move forward to menopause?

Where does this mindset come from that in order to be Woman, we must have a period? Does it stem from the ability to bear a child or not?

I would like to think we’ve moved out of the ole mindset of Women are baby makers and that’s or sole purpose as women. :/

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