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What a Week......

By Rubytuesday
Its been a tough week to say the least
I lost a friend And I'm still reelingI'm not quite sure why it happenedBut she chose to walk away And I guess that is her perogativeStillIt was quite the nasty break upI think she said some things she didn't meanI know I didIn the heat of the momentWe both came out bruised and batteredNasty businessAnd I am left wondering if I am what this person said I amA FakeUncaringPeople pleaser
Then on Tuesday my neighbor diedI think I have mentioned my neighbours before
They are an elderly couple
She is a tough as old boots
Salt of the earth type
He was a proud Scot
Very shy
But with a heart of gold
Their story is heart breaking really
After his first wife died
The man remarried out neighbour
They met in AA
And both were recovering from their respective addictionsThey marriedAnd moved here some 20 years agoThey were always great neighboursThey would watch the house if we were awayOr mind my dogs from time to time
But more recently there has been some trouble in their houseThey both began drinking againAnd chaos ensued
Two years ago The wife became extremely unwellAnd was hospitalisedWe went to visit herShe didn't even know her own nameLet alone who we wereAnd that was caused by drinkWe thought that she wouldn't pull throughBecause she was so far goneBut she is a fighterAnd she bounced back amazingly well I have no doubt that she was lucky to have survived
Then one morningAbout six weeks agoThe wife asked me to pick up a prescription for her husbandAnd told me that he was illI did what she askedAnd later on that dayWe saw an ambulance leaving the houseWe went over to see what had happenedAnd it turned out that the husband had had a strokeHe had in fact had the stroke three days priorBut his wife thought that he was drunkAnd was slurring his words because he was drunkSo she didn't phone the doctor until a couple of days laterWhen the doctor arrivedHe immediately called an ambulanceHe was brought to the local hospitalWhere he stayed for the next six weeksThe wife has no family aroundAnd a lot of the mans family seemed to be estrangedSo it was up to us Her family and friendsTo support herAnd help Jobs like getting her shoppingAnd bringing the dog for a walkThe husband left his wife with huge debts that he had acquiredBecause he was drinking all his money
We got the news that he had died on Tursday nightWe sat with his wife that nightAnd held her as she cried It was heart breakingEven though he was an elderly manIt was still a shock
The removal was last nightAnd what an appropriate dayIt was cold and darkAnd we all huddled together trying to stay warmAnd this morning was the funeralA lovely simple serviceThey did him proud
This really hits home to me the destruction that addiction causesIt tips families apartIt breaks heartsAnd causes no end of hurt and painIf I needed a reminder not to go back down that road Then this is surely it
I'm finding that if I stay busyIt's easier not to think about using or The BoyI need to put that relationship to restNo good can come of itThere is someone out there for meWho is good and kindAnd most importantly who is stableAnywayA relationship is not my priority at the moment Getting well isI know love will happen when I am readyI know that I am not at the moment

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