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What A Gorgeous Birthday!...

By Mallynista22 @mallynista22
Today I Received The Mally Love Your Lips Trio
Which Is Absolutely Gorgeous!
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...
 It Contains 3 Must Have Items
* Gentle Lip Scrub *
* Universal Clear Lip Balm *
* Mally's Baby High Shine Liquid Lipstick *
You Apply The Lip Scrub In Circular Motions
And The Fine Sugar Eliminates All Dead Skin!
After Exfoliating With The Scrub You Go Over
The Top With The Clear Lip Balm And It Locks
In The Moisture. The Liquid Lipstick Is A Gorgeous
Shade Of Pink, And Is An Absolute Bonus!
This Set Has Left My Birthday Lips Plump And Soft!!

It's Been Too Nice Of A Birthday TodayTo Not Do A Post!!Got Loads Of Lovely Presents [ Which I Opened At 1am Last Night. ]And Enjoyed A Lovely Glass Of Martini Asti.
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...Thank You So Much Lel For My Lovely Christina Aguilera Perfume xoxo
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...My Lovely Presents <33My Amazing Fiance Got Me An AbsolutelyMind-Blowing Present, MALLY'S AUTOGRAPH <33333That Is By Far My Favourite And Best Birthday Present Thank You Sooooo Much Mally & Marcus xoxoI Looooove It!!! <333
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...Presents From Mum <3333 OPI Eurocentrale Collection, Eyeko Lash Curlers,A Minnie Mouse Cupcake, A Lovely Floaty Top From Wallis[ Which Is Currently On My Table ]And Thorntons Dessert Gallery Sweets Christina Aguilera Perfume From Lelishia,Mally Love Your Lips Trio From Marcus <333333
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...My Favourite EVER Present...This Is So Insane!!
What A Gorgeous Birthday!...
What Does A Birthday Girl Have For Breakfast?Batman Birthday Cake, Of Course!!We Enjoyed Some Breakfast Cake And A Mini Can Of PepsiAnd Cocoa Got Some Remnants Off Of Daddy's Plate!
What A Gorgeous Birthday!... And Tonight Fi Is Treating Me To A Pizza HutStuffed Crust Pepperoni Feast <333And Some Movies...We Are Then Planning To Go To My ParentsFor A Little While To Have A Coors Light And A Cake!I Got 3 Cakes Believe It Or Not!A Batman Cake, A Minnie Mouse Cupcake That Serves 20And A Marks And Spencer Chocolate Cake.Have A Beautiful Day,I'm Off To Admire My Mally-Graph<333333~ ~ ~ x o x o ~ ~ ~

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