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Wendy’s – A Big Player That’s Going to Stay

By Maneesh Srivastva @urbanescapades

Wendy’s – A Big Player That’s Going to StayWendy’s, the American burger chain established in 1969 is the third largest burger chain after McDonald’s and Burger King. I still don’t understand what took them so many years to venture into the Indian market. McDonald’s came to India as back as in 1996 and has been every child’s favorite since then. Even I remember saving my pocket money and bunking school classes with friends to dig our teeth into their Mc Chicken Burger.Wendy’s has also been popular worldwide and has survived tough times. I can’t see any reason why they won’t survive in India. After having a look at their menu and trying a few items my observation is that the taste may not be your primary focus, but when you have a great concept you will definitely succeed. I’m not hinting that the taste of the food wasn’t good, I simply mean that sometimes the overall experience leaves you so happy that you don’t really care whether your fries were the right temperature or not.India’s first outlet has opened at Sector 29, Gurgaon. I found the interiors very American being casual, simple and unpretentious. You’ll feel comfortable as soon as you’re inside and take a seat. The staff was attentive, polite and had knowledge about the dishes they were serving.Wendy’s – A Big Player That’s Going to StayOut of the large variety of burgers they have on their menu I went for the Ultimate Mutton Burger. The mutton patty was well made and juicy. It also contained some lettuce, jalapenos, pickled cucumber, onion and tomato slices. I could feel a lot of flavours frolicking inside my mouth. The jalapenos added a good spicy twist. However the chilli brioche bun was a bit hard as compared to the bun we are used to having at McDonalds. Instead of the regular fries I ordered Bacon & Cheese Baked Potato. Come on, how can I refuse a potato combination with bacon and cheese! That’s a sin everyone would like to commit. The overall combination worked and though the bacon strips used were dry, still I would recommend this dish. The menu contains many such interesting side dishes. In drinks
Wendy’s – A Big Player That’s Going to StayI found Cherry Cola interesting. I was expecting a cherry drink with a hint of cola but it was the other way round. Still I liked the taste.After a while I ordered a Cappuccino which was really frothy and smooth. Dunkin Donuts seems to have got a direct competitor now. Going by my observation I would say that just like Burger King, Wendy’s will be unable to compete with McDonalds, which is still going strong but will surely carve out a niche for itself owing to the feel good factor it provides. 

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