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Well Worth Waking Up ...

Posted on the 29 March 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
You're not likely to have heard of Coves, but by the end of this post, we can't see why they wouldn't be your new favorite band. There are elements of brilliant musicians from years gone by throughout, and all in all, their new song Wake Up comes across absolutely bloody delightfully. With a tinge of Young Knives, mixed with a touch of CSS, and plenty of Best Coast ... you know that this is going to be epic.
Well Worth Waking Up ...What we love is the fact that it doesn't take very long to be completely aware of how brilliant they really are. There's a brief second or two where it sounds like something that Cee Lo Green came up with a fair few years ago, but then the electric guitars shatter in and break up all of those horrible ideas from your mind.
The beat then comes in all mellow and slow ... but more than enough to sway along and enjoy. It's pleasant enough, non offensive rock that really gets the heart pulsating ... but then that vocal comes in.
There is, of course, a dusted shroud over the vocal section and, whilst this is very similar to that of Bethany Consentino's throughout the career of Best Coast, there also seems to be something in the tone which is a little more English, or, actually, a little closer to that of Lovefoxxx of CSS - either way, it comes up absolutely perfect and makes this an absolute stonker.
We're anticipating that their next few releases will really mold whom they are as a band, and where they're gonna sit in the music scene. We envision that they could easily sit beside the names already mentioned, but also, that they could come up better off, and move into a more Haim-esque side of things - all very exciting nonetheless.

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