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Well, What's Next?

Posted on the 06 September 2011 by Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
Well, what's next?
I've been asked 'what's next' by a whole host of family and friends over the last few weeks, I'm sure it's probably a question everyone gets asked after a big adventure or expedition. Do people really know this soon after coming home? I'm sure some will have their heart set on something they want to do within a few months or the next year, others may have the seed of an idea that will grow in the coming months, others will have absolutely no idea. I think I'm between the seed of an idea and having absolutely no idea...
I'm in the position where I'd like to put together a slightly different expedition, I'd like to be completely honest about why I want to do it and I'd like it to be the first rung of the ladder in to the world where I could possibly make a living in some area of adventure (I have little idea what area I want to go in to so don't ask; it might be as an adventurer, as a guide,  journalist or business person - who knows!).
It seems today (every 'adventurer' under the sun is blogging about it right now) that you have to have a reason to do absolutely everything, it has to be pure (what does pure even mean in the world of the 'modern adventurer') and most of all people have to like it - all I know is I want to make a living out of adventure, just as many people do. Surely how I do it is my choice??
What's next? Finish University and then do something I enjoy, a good expedition idea will probably just appear over a pint one day!

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