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Well Hello There….

By Cate @finally4ever

I haven’t actually dropped off the face of the earth, believe it or not. I know, right.



So what’s been going on in this household lately? Honestly, not much. This second round of pregnancy has been really, really hard on me. It’s been all I can mange during the day to focus on the number one priority that is Shannon (the kid does need to eat most days) and not dissolving into a puddle of tears and despair. I thought at first that I was being a wimp, since my pregnancy with Shannon was so easy. I didn’t get sick once. We had a few pre-term labor scares, but all in all it was smooth sailing. As I’ve gotten further along, though, my unsettled stomach got worse and worse. I was waking up multiple times in the night to get sick, and have dropped a significant amount of weight. To the point where I was going into the hospital for weekly monitoring and doing anything more then sitting on the couch would trigger a bout of disgusting. It tough with a toddler and a husband who works his adorable behind off.


Dixie also makes sure I’m doing okay. She’s the bomb-diggity.

My Mom has been down this week to help me, and being able to really relax has been a god-send. If I need a nap, I can take one and not worry about Shannon… I’ve even been able to read a book!  I’ve felt a bit better and while I still haven’t seen the number on the scale go up, I’m feeling a bit more like my normal self. Which is a great feeling from being a lump of miserable yuck on the couch! I know that Nana has been soaking up the love, and I’m a bit nervous to see what happens when she goes back to work. It’s hard, being out here with no family. I have a few friends here, but who wants to take on my kid full time while I deal with this? That’s not very fair. I know that we’ll get through this, and that it’s not going to be forever. The end result will be worth it, but at the moment it’s hard to find the silver lining, which is why I took a step away from the blog. Nobody needs a blow by blow from the puking lady! Feel free to give me a follow on Twitter (@finally4ever) or Instagram (finallyforeverafter) for little snippets! I promise, no gross pictures.




Shannon, on a brighter note, is doing so well. She is such an easy kid! She’s been having a blast with her Nana this week. She’s loving all the attention that her useless Mother hasn’t been able to give her. The kid never ceases to amaze me with her smarts either. Just this afternoon, she decided that she wanted to go outside, so she brought Nana her purse and then marched her right to the door. Smart little biddie that one is! We’ve had a string of nice weather the past few weeks, so taking advantage of the Vitamin D is somewhat helpful. The fresh air feels great and that kid LOVES to play, play, play!


Caught her in action!




The park down the block has been a big hit as well. We’re big swing fans in this house, since all the other equipment is a little bit too big for the little Miss still.



As for the equine side of life, things are great for the girls. I can hardly manage to clean stalls, much less actually RIDE either of them, so they are getting fat and happy on the bluegrass. Willow has a little bit of a rougher life than Sadie does, as I have a wonderful friend of mine who has been hopping on her from time to time. She’s really doing well with her, and has been able to coax Miss ‘Thang into actually relaxing and working into the bridle. I’m thrilled to watch her go with somebody else, and Will really seems to enjoy the work. If I can’t be on her, then Shelby is the next best (probably better) thing! It’s always fun to watch your horse advance. Honestly, I thought that it would be hard to see her go so well with somebody else up, but I love it! Shelby is amazing, and Willow is happy… I can’t ask for better while my butt is dealing with this awful part of growing a human. Willow will always be my main squeeze (sorry honey!)







So that’s all the big news that’s going down up in here! We find out if bean 2.0 is a he or a she sometime next week, so that’s exciting news! Mike is hoping for a boy, so that he and Jackson won’t be quite so outnumbered. I’m pulling for a girl… because we already have a girl name picked out, and the clothes are adorable.


I’m off to pop some more pills (y’all should see the collection!) and hit the hay!






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