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By Cate @finally4ever

Y’ALL… sing it with me now…

I got to ride my pooooony, I got to ride my pooooooony!!!



And she was really pretty good. It was a bit like stumbling around on a cooked, rather drunken spaghetti noodle that had a mind of it’s own and a rather large hump in it’s back, but I didn’t come off and we even got some reasonable trot work in the round pen. As soon as I swung my leg over I was home sweet home! Granted, as soon as I swung my leg over Charlotte woke up and demanded to be fed RIGHT THIS INSTANT, so my ride was about 5 milliseconds long. Mike was doing to rock and bounce and glare at me, so we kept it short… but GUYS I GOT TO RIDE MY HORSE!!!

Yes. In the top picture I am sniffling a little bit. Being a Mom makes you an emotional wreck when it comes to happy stuff like this, but honestly for a while there I was hoping that maybe she would be pasture sound. Keeping the faith really pays off.


And yes. I am riding bareback, because you know, I haven’t ridden in 6 months and mare hasn’t been in her new home for a week yet, but hey, I have a helmet on. And I don’t fit into my breeches yet. Since Jack ate my paddock boots/half chaps and I can’t wear tall boots with my jeans, bareback it was. We practice White Trash Dressage, y’all. There’s a thread on COTH about the whole thing, so it’s legit. I actually get better work bareback, since I’m almost forced to sit deep and push her into the bridle. If only her trot weren’t so huge and I weren’t so out of shape so that we could actually sustain it for more than 30 seconds. Oh my first world problems.

Anyways. I just had to share the awesome news with everybody, because I’m walkin’ on suuuuunshine… whooooaa!

I’ll stop. You’re welcome.



I instagrammed this… #fuzzywuzzywasadanishwarmblood


Now I have to go drag my dogs in by their ears since they won’t stop barking at the mail man (we are so a sterotype here in suburbia). Here are some cute pictures of my kids as a reward for actually READING my insanely senseless post.



Oh. It also “snowed” this morning. I thought that it was adorable.




Okay. I’m really, actually done now. Have a great Tuesday!

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