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By Cate @finally4ever

Hey y’all!

Hope life is going well!

I actually have a great reason as to why I haven’t posted… I am officially DONE with WordPress and figured out the whole domain name/web hosting/etc. thing.

Mike and I have also talked a little bit, and we’ve decided that we want to share a little bit less about the girls and how his career is going to be dragging us all over the globe for the next 20 years. I love this blog as a way to keep a record of our lives, but I need to step back a little bit as his career advances. I also want to give my girls some privacy as they get older. Nothing really ever goes away on the Internets, and I want it to be their choice if their lives are plastered all over it.


That being said… I still plan to keep updating on Willow, a possible new young horse for 2014, and everything else horsey!

If you want to keep up with THAT crazy part of my life… hop on over to Baby Steps and join the fun.



- Cate

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