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Playing Catch-up!

By Cate @finally4ever

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday!

Life is a little cray cray around here, so I’ve totally fallen behind on this little hobby. I told you that was going to happen though.

I’ve honestly been so busy enjoying life, that I didn’t even mind! So how about a re-cap of the last MONTH that I’ve been gone, since both my kids are actually SLEEPING AT THE SAME TIME! (Which means I really should be doing our Christmas cards… or cleaning… or taking a nap…)

- We got to go HOME for Thanksgiving! We packed up the SUV and boogied out of here right at bedtime, driving through the night to make it back home to spend the holiday with our family. It was not the most fun way for Mike and I to make the trip, but it made traveling 900 miles with two little ones a breeze. Shannon slept the whole way down, and Charlotte woke up once to eat. Easy peasy. We used my Grandparents house as a stopping point (and gained about 100lbs since my Grandma is an AMAZING cook!) and broke the drive up a little bit. It was amazing to be home. I forgot just how much I missed things like, Dunkin’ Doughnuts and my Mom!


- Mike got to go hunting, and bagged a good sized spike his first morning out. He worked double time and we now have a freezer full of amazing venison.

I have some marinating in the fridge now, and I’m so excited! COTH is currently in the middle of an awesome Off Topic Day week or two, and I collected some awesome recipes from the chefs there. I can’t WAIT to try them out. I love me some venison.

  – The drive back to KY was not nearly as uneventful as the drive to VT. Shannon had a hard time sleeping in her seat (can you blame her? I was a little sick of being in the car too) and Charlotte as also decided that her car seat is the enemy. Lots of screaming, and a 230am Waffle House stop ended up be necessary. That seemed to chill everybody out, and we hit the road again. Not 20 minutes later, we hear a horking noise from the backseat… Shannon puked alllllll over herself. The car smelt AWESOME the rest of the trip home. Her seat is still airing out in the garage. Blech. 

- Willow continues to thwart my clipping attempts. It was almost 70 degrees the other day, and she was sweating just standing still. We don’t have a wash rack at the new place, so I wanted to groom her up as best I can, and then give her a quick bib clip, since she’s fuzziest on her chest and behind her elbow, so constantly sweating there. Yea. Right. Homegirl will NOT stay out of the mud. I also only have about one sharp set of clipper blades left.

- Speaking of Willow… we (well, I) agreed to go on a cattle drive in March. Yes. I’m taking my fancy Warmblood on a cattle drive. Nobody can say I don’t believe in cross training.

Pray for us.

- Charlotte is growing like freaking crazy! At  her last well baby check up, she was almost 11lbs. Go boobs go! She’s a sweet little thing, although certainly more of a challenge than Shannon was. We are working through it, but it’s funny to me how two little people with the exact same genetics can be so vastly different. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation talking though. Two kids is about 800 times more challenging than just one. I laugh when I read back about posts from when Shannon was this age…. I actually thought I was busy THEN. Pfft. Charlotte screams. A lot. It’s super fun.


- Shannon had her first Christmas program right after we got back. Goodness it was adorable! Each class did a little song, and took turns standing up on the bleachers (or in Shannon’s case, sitting on the bleachers) when it was there turn. I was surprised that Shannon didn’t seem to have any issues being on stage in front of all those people. She sang, she danced, she soaked it all up. When it was time for me to go get her, she blew kisses to the audience. I guess we know that she’ll be a superstar like her Aunt and her Grampy!

- Its time for me to start getting fit. For Christmas, Mike and I are getting each other gym memberships. We have a 24 hour gym about 5 minutes from our house, so no excuses. This isn’t a healthy living blog. I don’t think it will ever turn into one (I like junk food wayyyy too much), but I want to make a point of sharing my routines with you. We’ll see how that goes.


- I have been fighting with WordPress to let me upload pictures, but am losing. Hence why this post is all words. I’ll try to upload pictures later today… I’m working on getting finallyforeverafter.blogspot.com up and running, but its ugly. Do any of my blogger friends have a recommendation for URL hosting? I’d love to be finallyforeverafter.com! I refuse to host through WordPress though.

I hope y’all have a great Sunday.



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