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Well, Hello April!

By Simonea
Well, Hello April!
In the days when I worked full time in an office, January lasted forever & spring took an eternity to then is it already April, how did that happen?!
This year is all about our house & Getting Stuff Done....third largest project (yes, there is an order, I work on it every night when my brain apparently feels the urgent need to wake me up to think about it ;)) was the bathroom.
Work began on that one month ago & I am beyond happy to say that it is finished - I cannot tell you how good it feels to have one beautiful, dare I say perfect, room in this old house of ours!It is clean, bright, spacious, everything's totally blissful!
When all around you are projects in varying degrees of completion (or total disrepair), I can completely see how important it is to have something that is "done", somewhere you can go to where all is good, happy & bright :)
The builders left just in time for the school holidays and now, hoorah, we have two much-needed weeks holiday for Easter....
My blog has been the quietest that it's ever been this year, I've missed it a great deal, & so I am planning to challenge myself to "30 days of blogging" in April.
Here's what else has been going on....
Reading : I finally finished "The Goldfinch" last night & loved it.I am now reading "The Miniaturist" by Jessie Burton, which will be followed by "The Girl On The Train" by Paula Hawkins & "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed.
Watching : "The Good Wife" (finally) on Netflix from the very beginning.
Movies : I saw "Selma" & thought it was incredible, the best & most powerful film I've seen for ages & I'm going to see "Still Alice" tomorrow.
Dreaming Of : Holidays & Sunshine. For once I don't yet have anything planned for this year &, gulp, we may have major renovations going on in the summer which may require us being around. Best not to think about that too much yet I think.I would love a weekend away somewhere....anywhere.
Loving : morning smoothies & green juices.
Needing : a really good haircut, a massage, a mani-pedi....a spa day would be perfect.My birthday is this month so maybe....
Planning : house stuff....some painting, organising/emptying our storage unit, planning the loft conversion & kitchen extension for this summer.
Wanting : to get to the gym. As soon as school goes back, I will be there.
Worrying about : my daughter. Parenting a teenager is not for the faint-hearted, every time you think you've cracked it, along comes another dilemma or issue! Tricky times, a true rollercoaster of emotions...all you can do some days is hang in there & know that your're not the first parent dealing with this stuff & you won't be the last.
Desperate for : a good night's sleep! I've got into a terrible habit of waking up around 2-3am...and once I'm awake, I cannot get back to sleep without thinking about anything & everything, it's driving me crazy!
Shopping for : bathroom accessories!
Coveting : these boyfriend jeans, these chelsea boots, this deep relax balm & to be magically transported to this gorgeous holiday destination....
Happy April! 

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