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House & Home : Ways to Stage a Property to Sell

By Simonea
House & Home : Ways to Stage a Property to Sell
As I've mentioned before, we are planning to sell our house once renovations are complete...soon the work will be finished and it will be time to sell, something that I have borne in mind when decorating and furnishing the house.Whilst I wanted a comfortable home for us, I was always mindful of how it would look to potential buyers. As a result, this house should not need much staging before it is put on the market.The other day, it struck me that most of you who plan to sell in the coming months will not be in that situation. In all likelihood, you decorated and furnished your home entirely to suit the needs of you and family, which of course, is only natural, and is the only way to ensure that you enjoy your home while you are living there.
Why stage?However, when you decide to sell you do need to think a little differently if you want to sell fast, and get a good price. You will need to make changes and stage your home to appeal to potential buyers.
Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell for more, and that they often sell faster. You can find out more about why that is by looking at the infographic I have linked to here.On average, a staged property will sell for 6 or 7% more than similar homes. That figure alone is a compelling reason for you to stage your home before selling it.House & Home : Ways to Stage a Property to Sell
Looking upon staging your property as an investment
In the past, staging a home would have been tricky. Until recently, it has been hard to find anyone to do it, and, as a result, home staging was quite an expensive service. In addition, the cost of housing was relatively low. This made it hard for the owner of an average sized home to justify the cost of staging their home.Now that house prices have risen sharply in most parts of the UK, you can easily cover the cost of staging your homeIn fact, in many cases you will make a bigger profit by doing so. Home staging is no longer something that only owners of big homes should consider. It now makes financial sense for most property sellers.
The easiest way to stage a property
It is also extremely easy to do. If you lease your rental furniture from Emblem Furniture, all you need to do is to fill out the quote form, or pick up the phone. In less than half an hour, you can arrange for them to arrive at your house and dress any room you want with new furniture, rugs and accessories. Any items of furniture you already own and want to use in your new home can easily be stored. There are firms out there that offer inexpensive storage, or you can ask a friend to store it for you for a few weeks.As you can see, staging your home is a great way to make sure that it sells fast, and secure a good price for it.House & Home : Ways to Stage a Property to SellSponsored post, edited by me. Photos via Pinterest.

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