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Welcome to the New Year's Holiday in Thingyan (Burma)

By Khanhpv

Burma is the state of multi cultural preservation value, especially the primitive Buddhism. In recent years, the tourism development of Burma, to attract tourists to the east of the spiritual pilgrimage buddha. The holiday season is a time with Burma Buddhist festival to celebrate the new year Thingyan bring a lot of value to the people of Burma.


 The tradition of celebrating New Year's time

Perhaps no country in the world to celebrate New Year custom interesting is Burma. The second festival falls on a Monday in April, lasts about three to four days. People in the country in all regions of Burma festival organization by pouring water to wash the dirty in someone else's meaning has already been deposited in Over the past year, the new year and for a pure heart and body.

The selling point of the Burma Thingyan Festival

Holiday time from Bagan, water is very popular in the folk, and several noble king, participate in the festival.


In ancient times, the Burmese people with red apple leaves soaked in water in the bowl of a bowl of incense copper or silver, then sprinkle with red apple cigarettes, because Germany is a symbol of happiness and blessing Fulu, will bring a R And I sa.

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Thingyan is a purely secular holiday did not mention the Buddhist classics, but the people of Burma Festival, they also organized the transplantation and Buddhist ceremony in the solemn air and V With the activity attracted, fun, interesting.

The lucky ritual to avoid misfortune

From the early morning, many Burmese people gathered at the center of the region Sule of Yangon City, near the temple. Here, the traditional music and dance performances have vitality and sweet lyrics, music ran to greet the new year.

Then, go to the temple to pray ceremony in Burma country. Let them go to the temple to pray for a year of good luck to your family and friends.

In the festival activities Thingyan


In ancient times, the new year's Eve, people get ready to boil water incense from a variety of flowers and leaves, and then placed in a different bowl or small Shen water, during the festival and then put in the home. Every day is a boiling water with a different leaves.

Today, to celebrate the new year, people usually use this water spray. Oh, the way people are squirted all the troubles and unpleasant and dirty old will No, the new year will be accepted with pure heart and body.

Out of the water more, is considered to be luck and good health in the new year. After that, they will be washed away in the sun to dry clothes, feel relaxed holiday. The significance of the expression of desire to live in peace, a bright future for the people.

If you have a chance to travel, you'd better go to Burma, people celebrate the New Year Festival held here to experience the interesting customs Thingyan Burma, sacred, mysterious.

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