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Flowers in Autumn in Vietnam

By Khanhpv

Blackboard Tree Flowers (Hoa Sữa)


Slate Tree Flowers prosper in September and October so it's the sign of harvest time in Vietnam. This sort of bloom is planted in numerous spots yet it has become an irreplaceable part in Hanoi's fall. The white groups of blossoms appear as though the little white lamps taken cover behind the greenish foliage. These blossom sprouts spread the seriously sweet fragrance into little rear entryways and roads of the capital. It's such a sentimental second when strolling along the back streets in a cool harvest time night and breathing in these beautiful blossoms' aroma.

Water Lily Flower (Hoa Súng)


Like lotus, water lily is likewise a water-based plant. As the wild plants, water lily doesn't need a lot of planting or mindful. Its excellence is shaped by little pointed dull pink petals which improved by the dim green sharp round leaves gliding on the water. October and November are the long periods of water lily blooms. In different months, this blossom shrouds where it counts under the water surface. In a few spots in northern Vietnam, individuals plant water lily to improve one explicit fascination and pull in more travelers. You can visit Yen Stream in Perfume Pagoda in November on the off chance that you need to have dazzling photograph shoots checking-in with water lily.

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Conversely, water lily can be found in immense amounts planted in huge water regions of Mekong Delta district. During flooding season (from early September to mid-November), neighborhood ranchers occupied with collecting water lily as an approach to acquire an extra pay and improve their everyday environments. Water lily bloom's stalks can be eaten crude with aged glue or braised sauce, or dunked into harsh soup and hotpot. During the stormy season, when the trenches and rice fields flood, white and pink water-lilies are in full blossom.

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